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Welcome April 14, 2010

Posted by ecallawb in administrator.
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This blog is provided by Oasis Web Development. We will be adding information about website development and answer questions that our visitors might have about all facets of this topic. We will discuss WordPress blogs, web design, CSS, content management, web photography, search engine optimization, software, hardware, publications, costs, most recent practices and much more.

Oasis Web Development has offices in East Aurora, New York and Red Cliff, Colorado,. We build websites for all types of businesses nationwide. We provide innovative solutions for web design and specialize in web photography, Flash and Client Content Management. Our website is located here.



1. jessiepeace - April 16, 2010

Hi welcome to “WordPress”. I’m quite interested in web development, always tried to make my own websites as a child, never really got far with it. I’ll be sure to check out your blog from time to time. Maybe you will check out mine.
Lastly what is Web photography?
I’m a photographer but I was wondering what this is?

2. ecallawb - April 16, 2010

Web Photography actually refers more to the end of the process than the beginning. Although I use the images with the highest resolution possible from a digital camera, these images must be optimized in Adobe Photoshop for the web which in part means compressed so that they end up being a much smaller size (byte-wise). There is a trade-off between image quality and image size. The size of web images must be small enough so that the the web page on which they reside loads almost immediately. The optimum balance between quality and size becomes more clear as one becomes familiar with the process over time.

There are also issues with how the photograph is taken pertaining to the eventual layout of such on a web page. For instance many images that are taken for a web page must be horizontally oriented so that they can be used for the banner at the top of a web page. This means that they must be a lot wider than they are tall.

Similarly, pictures taken for a flash presentation (one image fading into another) must be of similar orientation so that they can be cropped with the same dimensions…

Thank you for responding.

3. Web development - June 20, 2012

These articles and blogs are truly enough for me for a day.
Web Development

4. alok kumraawat - February 5, 2013

it is very helpfull for Web Design for a new web site

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