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Managing Comments In WordPress April 30, 2010

Posted by ecallawb in wordpress.

To manage comments in your WordPress blog go to dashboard/comments. You will see the edit comments adminsitration panel. Here, there will be a list of all of the comments that have been added to your blog and you will be given the choice of approving, deleting, editing or replying to them. You can also mark them as spam. When you mark a post as spam as opposed to just deleting it, the WordPress database will remember the author and treat any future message from them as spam also. After you have approved a comment, there will be a link below the post in the blog for all of that comments to date that have been approved and that link will take the blog reader to a page with the comments. From there, readers will be given the opportunity to enter replies in a reply field for each comment.



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3. Website Development San Diego - October 30, 2012

Most of my blogs are build in WordPress. Many users keep commenting spam so I am checking the comments manually and approing the comments. This feature really helps to remove the spam comments.

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