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Managing Comments In WordPress April 30, 2010

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To manage comments in your WordPress blog go to dashboard/comments. You will see the edit comments adminsitration panel. Here, there will be a list of all of the comments that have been added to your blog and you will be given the choice of approving, deleting, editing or replying to them. You can also mark them as spam. When you mark a post as spam as opposed to just deleting it, the WordPress database will remember the author and treat any future message from them as spam also. After you have approved a comment, there will be a link below the post in the blog for all of that comments to date that have been approved and that link will take the blog reader to a page with the comments. From there, readers will be given the opportunity to enter replies in a reply field for each comment.


Create A WordPress Image Gallery April 30, 2010

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A gallery will display a set of thumbnail images attached to a particular post or page. If you upload images using the Add an Image button while editing/creating the post or page, they will be attached automatically. If you upload images directly to the media library from Media -> Add New, you will need to attach them to a post or page before they will appear in a gallery.

  1. Open a post or page for editing. If it is a new post or page, make sure to add a title and save it at least once before trying to insert a gallery.

  2. Click the Add an Image button.

  3. Select files to upload and then click the Save all changes button. You should be taken to the Gallery tab next.

  4. Customize the settings. (I used 5 columns for the layout above.)
    Click Insert gallery.

Video Media In WordPress April 18, 2010

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You can make link to a video or you can embed a video onto a WordPress page.

Embedding just means having HTML code that allows visitors to view a video without leaving the page, and WordPress handles all of that for you with the Embed Media button. Clicking on it produces the popup window from which you can choose the type of file you will upload, the url of the file (if needed), and the dimensions of the file.

Unfortunately, you have to pay a little extra to embed a video on a page in an otherwise free WordPress blog.

This Is An Example Of A Free WordPress Blog April 12, 2010

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WordPress is an open source blog publishing application powered by PHP and MySQL and is the most popular blog publishing application.  It is free of charge if you use a url such as the one for this blog: “http://www.oasiswebdevelopment.wordpress.com.”wordpress logo

There always is the option of paying your site’s host for a database in order to have a WordPress blog accessible from your own site’s url, however, we find the free wordpress variety of blog sufficient and actually a help when it comes to search engine optimization. Accordingly, this blog is a testament to the many features that are available in a free WordPress blog.

A free WordPress blog has limited space for content (byte-wise) and also limited customizing (styling) capabilities. However, we feel that these limitations are not detrimental to a blog such as this.